ITO DC, we opened our dental clinic in 2011 and welcome various people from various countries. If you, living in Chikuho area, have any problem in your mouth, please feel free to contact us.
 Dr.Muta can communicate with you in English. We will provide the most proper treatment for you, including insurance treatments and private treatments.
 We firmly recommend you for coming to our dental clinic before you feel pain in your mouth. After you feel pain, it takes time and cost a lot. Finding problems in the early stage are very important for protecting your oral health.
 For your comfortable studying, working and living in Chikuho area,  I want to offer our skills to let you have colorful life.


How To Book Your Appointment
Firstly, before visiting our clinic, please make an appointment by sending your message from the form below. Dr.Muta will reply within 1-2 days.


Please give us 3 options for your coming date.( like... "in the morning 24th March" "in the afternoon 26th March" or "any time 27th March" ) Please write your booking request and time in the message below.

Dr.Muta Schedule

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Clinic Location : iTO Dental Clinic 【Oral Clinic】